AZAB 2019 accept soloFASTNET as a qualifier

 26 October 2017

Many SORC'ers have competed in the AZAB race (Azores and Back) over the years. One of the Ocean Classics, the well run AZAB offers everything - competitive racing, great destinations and fantastic socials. We are pleased to have recieved confirmation from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club that the soloFASTNET has been accepetd as a solo qualifier for the AZAB 2019 race.


This is to confirm that completion of the soloFASTNET 2018 Race (or any part of the race that complies with AZAB NoR 6.1 and 6.6) as organised by the Solo Offshore Racing Club will be accepted as a qualification for AZAB2019 on condition that there is also full compliance with the other sections of AZAB NoR  Part 6.

Competitors should indicate on their AZAB self declaration 'Completion of soloFASTNET2018' and SORC are requested to pass to the AZAB OA the entry list and results of the race.

Ian Munday


Race Director 



For more information about this great race, visit the website at:  AZAB 2019 website



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